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Willow Creek Community Church
Section 208-209 at 9:00
We are all about helping people connect with each other so that they can learn and grow together while exploring and developing their relationships with Christ.   Please consider joining us. 


       Weekly Connection: Join us before or after any 9:00a.m. service at the back of Section 208 to hangout enjoy good   
       conversation and free coffee!! Great way to connect with people who sit together every week in church. And if you 
       have prayer needs feel free to grab one of us or use the weblink at the bottom of this page. We want to pray for you 
       and provide support.

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                                                                                              Contact us:  dcogswell@willowcreek.org, 630-258-2399 

Welcome to Section 208-209 at 9:00!

HomeGatheringsServingZambiaCare & PrayerCommunity BoardSmall Groups

Care Center Serve (June 2 & 9:  Serve with 12 of your section mates and support Willow's Care Center. Perfect for families with kids 8+.  Learn more and sign up.

Brunch after the 9:00am Service (June 3):  Connect with people who sit near you at Willow. Join in table discussions about how God shows up in times of disappointment, and how to grow spiritually through disappointment.  Most don't do this particularly well ... and we can learn from each other.  The discussions will be open, friendly, and informative ... a taste of what a small group is. Kids encouraged, we’ll have activities. Learn more and sign up. ​ ​

Inner City Homeless Dinner Serve (June 16):  Join in with 20 of us to cook and serve dinner, lead devotionals, and talk with the guests in Breakthrough Urban Ministries' two shelters in East Garfield Park, Chicago. For adults and kids 14+. Click to learn more and/or signup. And consider making a donation to support our ~$300 food purchase -- catch us before or after a 9:00 service or click donate. And check out our video.

GLS Peak Experience (August 9-10):  Sit with other 208ers at the Global Leadership Summit this August. Last year there were 35 of us sitting together and engaging in a ton of discussion about what we were learning. I think we all felt that this was a really good way to experience the GLS in community.  Learn more and signup.

Beach Party (August 19):  A "don't miss".  A family friendly afternoon on a lake with barbeque, hanging, swimming, games, and great conversations.  Check it out.

Camp With Us (September 21-23):  An annual highlight. Great way to connect more deeply and build friendships, experience church in the woods, enjoy a beautiful outdoor setting, and have some fun. Extremely family friendly.  Check it out!. 

Family Needs Help:  Check out our community Board.
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