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Willow Creek Community Church
Section 208-209 at 9:00
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Section 208-209 Camping Trip
September 21-23, 2017 
Location:  Chain O'Lakes State Park, Spring Grove, IL

A number of 208ers at 9:00 have expressed interest in a sixth annual section camping trip!! So we have one!! 

Here's why you should come, according to one of our section mates: 
"I love the outdoors and getting back to nature and a simpler life. Walking in the woods, fishing, biking, canoeing are all fun. And there's nothing better than waking up to a nice hot cup of tea around a campfire in the morning and the murmur of voices and smores around a campfire as the sun sets at the end of the day"

"I am most excited about getting to know each of you better as we step outside our normal routines, get away, slow down, enjoy the outdoors, have some good laughs together, have more time to connect, and make some memories. We'll have some good worship and prayer time together with other families" 

Here's the deal 
What: Family Tent Camping Experience 
When: Friday night 9/21 (arrive 3:00pm or later) to Sunday 9/23 (out by 3:00) 
Stay: One night, or both nights, or come for the day
Where: Chain O'Lakes State Park, Spring Grove, IL 
Cost: $50/couple both nights, $80/family both nights; donations for community meals
Register:  Over on the right side of this page

Planned activities and meals. Outdoor church service on Sunday morning. We'll have canoes, grills, and campfire materials. Please join us for the whole time or sign up for just a portion of the time. 

Located in Spring Grove IL, 1 hour north of Willow Creek. Take Route 12 north to Wilmot Road and north to the park. This is full service camping area with running water, electricity, and shower facilities.  More info about Chain O'Lakes.