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Willow Creek Community Church
Section 208-209 at 9:00
Dinner Serve and Devotional at Breakthrough 
For the past eight years twenty of us have gone into East Garfield Park Chicago  on a bi-monthly basis to prepare and serve dinner, lead a devotional service, and interact with guests at a both a men's and a women's homeless shelter. This has been an awesome experience for all of us. Each time before leaving in two Willow vans, we pray that we might be a source of hope and inspiration to a group of people who are facing challenges that we can't really even imagine. We also pray the reverse, that they might be a source of blessing to us.

This has turned out to be an incredible experience. Planning, buying, cooking, and serving the meals for ~75 total at both the women's and men's shelter has been quite an experience. But the highlight each time is the devotional, and then sitting at tables with the guests and eating dinner together and discussing our lives. It's unbelievable how our guests jump into the devotionals with wisdom, depth of knowledge of scripture, and really focused insights. Each time it's a totally awesome bible study and we all grow and learn to appreciate the depth of spirit and character of our guests.  

Only God!!!!

Well, we've now done this serve over 60 
times and have had an equally amazing 
experience each time!

2018-19 Serving Dates:

12/15/2018 Sat.
2/16/2019 Sat.
5/18/2019 Sat.
8/17/2019 Sat.
11/16/2019 Sat.​
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