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Willow Creek Community Church
Section 208-209 at 9:00
Brunches -- every month // join in on our winter & spring 2017       
                                   Christian Topics Lineup
We've been doing these every year and they've been awesome.  This past July we had incredible weather.  110 people showed up, and the 25 kids spent the entire 4 hours in the lake!!  We thought they'd never leave!!!  And the adults had a great time grilling, eating, talking, and playing "goat roper" and "bag toss"

Beach Parties -- once or twice a year in the summer
Come on over.  We meet at Willow after the 9:00 service and spend 45 minutes socializing over brunch, and then we jump into table discussions around an interesting topic.  For the first half of 2017 our topic lineup is focused on exploring Christianity -- what are the key principles, how do we know they're true, what if we have doubts?  

If you decide to join us get ready for fun, stimulating, and open discussions.  All questions, doubts, concerns are welcome.  We are diving in together to seek the truth. Here's what we've got:
        1.  Who is God?  //  Jan 8
        2.  Why do we think that the Bible is relevant to life today?? // Feb 19
        3   Section Survey and Creating Community //  April 9
        5.  Islam & Christianity // June 11

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