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Willow Creek Community Church
Section 208-209 at 9:00
Section 208 Retreat -->  January 12 - 14, 2018
Conversations are how we deepen our relationships with others and invite people to know our Great God.  This is our sixth annual Section 208 Retreat, and each one has been a highlight for our section. We encourage you to join us this year.

What, where, when:
We’ll be up at the Abbey Resort on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Come up on Friday afternoon 
for a reception and dinner starting 6:00, and finish up by 5:00 on Saturday. There is an option to stay over until Sunday. If you stay over to Sunday (which we recommend) we’ll have a group dinner, then breakfast Sunday morning with a final debrief session, followed by worship in a local church ... or you can just take off and get some free time.  We're expecting 40 to 50, so it will be intimate with plenty of time to talk and connect.

Doug Pollock, author of the book "God Space", will be leading us in a series of sessions on how to share our faith in a culture that is often not very receptive.  Doug is known around the world for his work in this area, and we are thrilled to have him with us this year.  Guaranteed to be a challenging, rich, and rewarding experience.
Want more Information?
                  and we'll get back to you. Or catch us at an upcoming Sunday 9:00am service. Also, we don't want cost to get in the way of your attending. If cost is an issue, let us know. We have a "scholarship" program to help make this affordable for everyone.   

Ready to commit?
We have worked out an all inclusive price of $295 per couple or two to a room, $198 for a single with one to room. This includes Friday night lodging, dinner on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, use of the conference rooms, retreat facilitator, materials, and all gratuities and other fees. You will be able to optionally stay over Saturday night as well --  $140 for two with brunch, $120 for one.

We want you to come!!  If cost is an issue, we do have scholarships ...
If you are ready to sign up, please select one of the two retreat options: 
     • Couple or Double; 2 in room: Section 208 Retreat (Friday night 1/12 hotel; 3 meals & retreat for 2) // $295.
     • Single; 1 in room: Section 208 Retreat (Friday night 1/12 hotel; 3 meals & retreat for 1) // $198.

And, add one of these options to your shopping cart if you want to stay over Saturday night:
  With Sunday Brunch:
     • Couple or Double Sat night with  Sunday brunch:  Sat. 1/13 stay with brunch for two on Sunday (1/14) // $140.
     • Single Sat night with Sunday brunch:  Sat 1/13 stay with brunch for one on Sunday (1/14) // $120.
  Without Sunday Brunch:
     • Sat night stay Double or Single w/o brunch:  Sat 1/13 stay for single or double w/o brunch // $100. 

Want to make a donation to fund a scholarship for somebody else?  Click here.

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