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Willow Creek Community Church
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Zeal for Zambia … We're headed back in June!!!
            Read below about our first 4 years!
     In July, 2017 seven of went back to Kasuba, Zambia for the fourth year in a row.  Our teams have been working on four initiatives:
        1. Setting up and training both paid and volunteer staff for a new healthcare clinic
       2. Coaching and teaching on grief and emotional support
        3. Continuation of pre-school teacher training and policy development
        3. Coaching and equipping church pastors (who are the de facto village leaders)
        As background, in 2014 a coalition of seven local churches in Kasuba banded together to drive change in their community. Their desire to do something big was evidenced by their first project, the construction of the village’s first preschool…starting with the molding and firing of 30,000 bricks, all done by hand by church member volunteers! That summer our team helped train and equip the preschool teachers, built a playground for the preschool, and coached and trained the local church pastors. Six months later the school building was completed in time for the start of the new school year in January 2015. It stands as a beautiful testament to what determined people can do when they donate their time, talent, and resources. It really is incredible to see, especially in light of the fact that there is no electricity, running water, and only very rudimentary tools in this very poor rural village.
        When we returned in 2015 to continue working with the volunteer preschool teachers, we learned that the village’s second project was already underway … an addition to the small health clinic with enhancements that would more than double its size and enable it to qualify as a higher-level clinic…meaning more resources and perhaps even a full-time doctor! This time they needed 150,000 bricks.

        Then in July 2016 we returned and continued our work from the past two years.  We also helped to bring the healthcare clinic to life. A key to our work on the healthcare side was identifying “gaps’. We turfed up things that we never imagined. For example, basic supplies such as rubbing alcohol, tetracycline drops for birth, thermometers, etc. just aren’t there. There is no running water, so blankets, sheets, pillows don’t get cleaned. There is one bicycle to transport sick patients 20km to the next level clinic – and it had flat tires when we arrived. And the home health workers, who can be keys to improvement, had never been trained by anybody. So, in our second week re ran four ½ day training session with the home health volunteers.  We look forward to returning, and believe we can have a large impact on maternity and early childhood health / survival. We believe we can use the churches as a venue for future public health training & awareness sessions, which will bring more people (non-believers included) to the churches.  

    We also encourage you to watch our 2014 Video2015 Video, and check out the June 2015 report and the June 2016 report!! (the 2016 video is accessible at the top right of this page)

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